90 was the goal to break a record. The goal was so big in the beginning, I didn’t think it was possible, but at some point I realized I was half way there, and so they called it a streak and people startedMORE»
You should join us!When: Friday, Oct. 18thTime: 7:00Where: Marriott Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, 1551 N. Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg. MORE»
We recently had this idea in our heads where we desire to develop a heightened sense of responsibility for all of us wearing a Seer tee. It's actually a big idea that we're still wrestling with but the hope is that byMORE»
An update on Tatyana:Tatyana had a fever and rash on her arm this week from the chemo and had to go back to Children's Hospital. She started to lose her hair in clumps, and decided to lose it all. Called a specialist,MORE»
The JOURNEY... Is at home. In my neighborhood. On my street. Or if my streets are safe, it’s where the need is. It’s not flashy. It’s a heart experience. In putting roots down. Engaging in meaningful relationships. Seeing both sides of (their)MORE»
The world is not a stage. When (you) do something for someone else, don’t make a show out of it. Don’t think about what it looks like. Or who might be watching. Just do it. Because it’s right. That is real love. That’sMORE»

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